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Indian Esports Championship – 2016 (Nov 10th , 11th , 12th )

Reach: 2 Million+
Impressions: 10,280+

Indian Esports Championship 2016: Revolutionizing the Gaming Landscape in India

Introduction: The Indian Esports Championship 2016, held at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, Mumbai, marked a groundbreaking moment in the Indian gaming industry. Boasting a staggering prize pool of 20 Lakh Rs, this esports event was the largest of its kind in the country. Spanning over four months, the championship comprised online and offline events, captivating thousands of participants and spectators alike. Divided into three phases – The Uprising, Proving Grounds, and Ground Zero – the championship showcased the growing prominence of esports in India.

The Uprising:
Online Event: The championship kicked off with “The Uprising,” an exhilarating online event that allowed players from all corners of the country to compete. This phase served as a qualification round for the Event Finale, Ground Zero. Talented gamers showcased their skills in popular games, vying for the opportunity to proceed to the next stage.

Proving Grounds:
The Road to Ground Zero: The Proving Grounds, a month-long league, tested the mettle of teams in intense battles. Participants engaged in fierce competition, striving to secure a spot in the coveted Ground Zero. The top six teams from the Proving Grounds emerged victorious, earning their place alongside the Uprising winners.

Ground Zero:
The Mega LAN Event: Ground Zero, the pinnacle of the Indian Esports Championship 2016, unfolded as a three-day mega LAN event that left the audience in awe. Held at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, Mumbai, this grand spectacle witnessed the final showdowns for two prominent games – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. The top eight teams from the qualifiers showcased their skills, battling it out for glory and the substantial prize money.

Winners and Recognition:
Team Brutality emerged as the champions in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive category, showcasing their exceptional teamwork and strategy. In the Dota 2 category, Roar Esports demonstrated their prowess, claiming victory in a thrilling final match. These two deserving teams were rewarded with significant prize money, recognizing their outstanding performance throughout the championship.

Cafe Warz:
A Celebration of Gaming Culture: To further enhance the gaming experience, a curated event called Cafe Warz was organized specifically for cafe owners. Immortals Cafe emerged as the triumphant winner in this unique competition, which showcased their dedication to creating an immersive gaming environment.

Entertainment and Performances:
The Indian Esports Championship 2016 not only offered thrilling gameplay but also ensured a vibrant atmosphere throughout the event. After each day’s intense matches, the participants and spectators were treated to live performances by renowned artists such as Lost Stories, Anish Sood, and Navraj Hans. These concerts served as a way to unwind and celebrate the spirit of gaming.

Participation and Spectatorship:
The Indian Esports Championship 2016 attracted an astounding number of participants, with more than 5,000 gamers actively taking part in the various phases of the event. The finals at Ground Zero saw a live audience of 3,500 enthusiastic spectators, showcasing the growing popularity and engagement of esports in India.

Our Expertise:
Team Essence played a pivotal role in designing the IP and its entire execution. From creating the Image of the IP to enhancing its market presence it was all covered. During the event phase, Team Essence was the catalyst in portraying gaming as a viable career option and guided gamers parents for the same. The entire event and esports execution part was seamlessly done by team Essence.

The Indian Esports Championship 2016 left an indelible mark on the Indian gaming landscape, introducing a new era of competitive gaming. With its immense prize pool, meticulous organization, and exhilarating gameplay, the championship provided a platform for aspiring gamers to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. This landmark event demonstrated the potential of esports in India and paved the way for future developments in the country’s gaming industry.

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