Our Role

Our Role

We provide innovative & extensive Event Management and Venue Sourcing services!  We recreate and redefine event experiences through 360 degree event solutions. We live and breathe everything that you can associate events with.

With our experience, we understand that every client and every set of audience is unique and they hanker after different experiences. Our focus is to meet those uniqueness in all our projects

Marketing Strategy

Taking the event to the right audience is essential and for that, we need an effective marketing strategy. We provide with the adequate marketing plans and ideas, ranging from BTL to ATL activities, which ensures in driving the correct masses to the event or brand and make the endeavor meaningful and fruitful for clients.


It takes nothing to join the crowd, but it takes a mind-blowing concept to stand alone!
We are passionate about creating fresh and different concepts to become an example in the industry. Both the clients’ and audience’s expectations are met supremely with concepts that are fresh, innovative and relevant as per the purpose.

Content Development

Event branding is the collection of elements that make up the image of the event. Branding is like a unique face. The more recognizable it is, the more people will pay attention to it. With our creativity and artistic talent mixed with mastery of technologies, from designing a logo to the creation of an entire branding package, we make sure to turn eye-balls towards the brand.

Operation & Logistics

Our operation managers are from the coalface of event production and show running. Our passion is the key to our success. They understand what works and what doesn’t whilst still remaining flexible and adaptable to accept new innovations and methodologies. Our network of vendors favors us to do execute any challenging event at any subjected geographical area. Our bandwidth allows us to provide our services to pan India and abroad.

Live Quotient

We live in a world where experiences are valued more than ever before. Our main focus is on to create an engaging experience among the guests. Accordant entertainment helps guests have fun the event. We work with a bank of artists, to convey your message, build relationships with your audience and community, and most importantly, engage, educate and entertain your audience.

New Media

We have in-house tech maven who looks towards the latest tech-savvy side of the industry to make every event more engaging, interactive and informative and generate a database. New media activities are sometimes a step too far and our maven advises on the best options from the start, ensuring that the tech is implemented properly and supporting and moderating as required on site.