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Product Launch

Product Launch

Product Launch Event for Roche Diagnostics, Jaipur

What We Did

Essence Transmedia conceptualized and executed a highly successful product launch event for Roche Diagnostics India in Jaipur. The event aimed to showcase multiple stalls, display cutting-edge technology, and incorporate captivating digital content to create a memorable experience for the attendees.

Phase 1:

Understanding Roche Diagnostics India’s Objectives: Essence Transmedia’s team conducted extensive discussions with Roche Diagnostics India to gain a comprehensive understanding of their goals, target audience, and key messages for the product launch event. This collaboration was crucial to align the event concept with Roche’s brand identity and marketing objectives.

Conceptualization and Theme Development: The Essence Transmedia team brainstormed creative ideas to develop a concept that would resonate with Roche Diagnostics India’s products and their desired event experience.

Phase 2:

Trendy Technology Launch: To unveil Roche Diagnostics India’s latest technology, the event featured a dedicated stage setup. Essence Transmedia leveraged innovative audiovisual techniques, including projection mapping and holographic LED content, to present the technology launch in a captivating and futuristic manner. This technology-centric approach aligned with the overall theme of the event and created a lasting impression on the audience.

Digital Content Integration: The Essence Transmedia team integrated digital content throughout the event to enhance attendee engagement. They developed interactive touchscreens, mobile apps, and augmented reality experiences that provided attendees with valuable product information, interactive demos, and virtual experiences. These digital elements added an element of interactivity, allowing attendees to explore the products and their features in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Guest Experience and Engagement: To enhance the overall attendee experience, we had implemented various engagement strategies such as gamification, live demonstrations, expert panels, and networking opportunities. These activities encouraged interaction among attendees, Roche Diagnostics India representatives, and industry experts, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating knowledge exchange.

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